I've pushed to CRAN the initial version of the RImageJ package. ImageJ is a java based image processing and analysis platform

This version of the package creates an instance of the IJ class as the IJ object in R, so that many methods of this class can be called using the dollar expansion of rJava.

Here is a simple example that uses the package:

download.file( "http://www.google.fr/intl/en_en/images/logo.gif", 
    dest = "google.gif" )

image = IJ$openImage( "google.gif" )
IJ$run( "8-bit" )
IJ$run( "Invert" )
IJ$save( "bw-google.gif" )

This downloads the google logo, convert it to black and white and inverts it

google logobw-google.gif Future plans for this package contain:
  • integration of imagej and javagd
  • integration of the imagej macro recorder so that it creates R code instead of code in the imagej macro language