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Mostly things that are at least remotely related to R in some way.

lazy absolute values function with ALTREP and C++

By Romain François on Sunday, Oct 21, 2018

This is a follow up to this post about ALTREP and C++. This covers another part of the altrepisode 📦 to showcase another aspect of ALTREP, the lazy_abs() function and underlying C++ implementation. Wh ...

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ALTREP and C++

By Romain François on Sunday, Oct 14, 2018

Traditionally, R vectors (numeric, …) are formed of one header ditrectly followed by the actual contiguous data. I’ll spare the details about the headers because even though I have a fair understandin ...

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By Romain François on Friday, Mar 23, 2018

Today was about adding some more confidence about the feasability of ergo. In particular I was interested about these two problems that I decided to play with at the same time. Returning a slice of g ...

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I’m (not) looking for a job

By Romain François on Thursday, Mar 22, 2018

TL;DR This is a very personal post where I’m articulating some thoughts about my career so far, my immediate shift of direction, and how you can help me. I’m typically not a disclaimer user because I ...

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