Rcpp 0.10.3

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Rcpp cran

Rcpp 0.10.3 is on CRAN.

Here is the part of the NEWS file related to this release

  • Changes in R code

    • Prevent build failures on Windowsn when Rcpp is installed in a library path with spaces (transform paths in the same manner that R does before passing them to the build system).
  • Changes in Rcpp attributes

    • Rcpp modules can now be used with sourceCpp
    • Standalone roxygen chunks (e.g. to document a class) are now transposed into RcppExports.R
    • Added Rcpp::plugins attribute for binding directly to inline plugins. Plugins can be registered using the new
      registerPlugin function.
    • Added built-in cpp11 plugin for specifying the use of C++11 in a translation unit
    • Merge existing values of build related environment variables for sourceCpp
    • Add global package include file to RcppExports.cpp if it exists
    • Stop with an error if the file name passed to sourceCpp has spaces in it
    • Return invisibly from void functions
    • Ensure that line comments invalidate block comments when
      parsing for attributes
    • Eliminated spurious empty hello world function definition
  • Changes in Rcpp API

    • The very central use of R API R_PreserveObject and R_ReleaseObject has been replaced by a new system based on the functions Rcpp_PreserveObject, Rcpp_ReleaseObject and Rcpp_ReplaceObject which shows better performance and is implemented using a generic vector treated as a stack instead of a pairlist in the R implementation. However, as this preserve / release code is still a little rough at the edges, a new #define is used (in config.h) to disable it for now.
    • Platform-dependent code in Timer.cpp now recognises a few more BSD variants thanks to contributed defined() test suggestions
    • Support for wide character strings has been added throughout the API. In particular String, CharacterVector, wrap and as are aware of wide character strings
More details at Dirks blog